A Balanced Approach

BEOSOUND BALANCE is a compact yet powerful speaker for luxury Danish consumer electronics brand Bang & Olufsen. The distinctive, sculptural silhouette and rich material palette of the high performance speaker reference the design language of domestic objects rather than high-tech products. This approach transforms the high-performance speaker into an objet d’art for the home.

The form is driven by an intelligent approach to sound design and expresses the speaker’s performance, with a large timber base unit supporting a textile-covered cylindrical speaker with an intuitive touch- and voice-activated interface on top. Seven uniquely configured speaker drivers designed to deliver a strong bass performance and a truly room filling sound.


Bang & Olufsen






Strategic research
Industrial design
Colour, material and finish
Design for manufacture
Art direction

“We approached LAYER as we found their approach of mixing technology and interior inspirations in product design to be quite extraordinary – we hadn’t seen this approach before and it was very intriguing to us.”

Kalle Nordbo - Concept & Design Manager, Bang & Olufsen

“Bang & Olufsen was on the path to a new identity and we collaborated with LAYER to develop a new language that expressed interior sensibilities and crafted materials. It was a real collaboration, and Beosound Balance set a new standard for speakers in that category.”

Kalle Nordbo - Concept & Design Manager, Bang & Olufsen

“LAYER very rapidly produced a lot of different concepts for Beosound Balance, and integrated our feedback at each stage to create a powerful design package. It was a real collaboration.”

Kalle Nordbo - Concept & Design Manager, Bang & Olufsen