Balance of Being

LAYER has explored the intersection between home, wellbeing and technology with the launch of ‘Balance of being’:a collection of new product concepts bringing to life a new philosophy. The collection of six near-future design concepts sensitively combine emerging technology with sophisticated experience design and explore how we can have more meaningful engagements with products and how we take care of ourselves.

Wave is a smart massaging device for the head that can be used to relieve stress in various situations, at home or work. Mapping and evaluating the level of tension, WAVE determines the length of time, method and intensity of the experience.








Industrial design
Colour, material and finish
Art direction

“We are curious in how we engage with products and the knowledge that they can build of us and our families. How do we intersect our aspirations of a more natural world with experiences that are technologically enabled?”

Takehiro Ikeda – Creative Director, Panasonic Design