Reflecting Values

FRACTAL is an immersive installation experience created in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom Design to celebrate the launch of Connectivity Concept, a family of smart telecom products also designed by LAYER. The dynamic mirrored space is realised in the brand’s signature pink and is designed to evoke the boundless world of opportunity these devices would enable.

Located at Milan’s prestigious Università Statale, the installation comprises a walkway that leads through a mirror-clad room, with angled surfaces and 20 slowly revolving mirrored partitions that create a sense of endless movement and constantly shifting perspectives. This space, which dissolves boundaries, is also a reflection of Deutsche Telekom and the endless opportunities their products and services enable. The winding, S-shaped walkway leads to the product room where the Connectivity Concept devices can be discovered.




Deutsche Telekom Design




Strategic research
Industrial design
Colour, material and finish
Art direction

Deutsche Telekom gave us the opportunity to amplify the concept we have developed around the future of connectivity with an immersive installation that speaks of the current and future state of technology.