MIRA is a next-generation short-throw projector that revolutionises home entertainment.

The Cinema Experience at Home

The projector – a three-in-one product that combines projection, audio, and smart TV – projects a high-quality 100-inch display onto any surface in almost any light conditions, and seamlessly dissolves into the home interior when not in use. MIRA is defined by its discreet fabric-wrapped form that challenges the visual dominance of the conventional “black box” television in our living spaces and the overt high-performance language of traditional technology products.

The discreet form, subtle materiality, and intuitive UX of MIRA belies the projector’s incredible technical performance, making powerful technology more enjoyable and accessible.

“At LAYER, we have developed a new approach to home technology, using tactile materials, a soft palette, and gentle forms that make it more welcoming and less obtrusive in the interior.”

Benjamin Hubert – Founder, LAYER