Crafting a Revival

Granule is a collection of exclusive one-off glassworks for the Punta Conterie InGalleria gallery in Venice. The collection comprises three large, sculptural vessels that celebrate the rich tradition of Murano glassworking, which can trace its roots back to the 8th century, and the talent and knowledge of the gallery’s in-house artisans. Each piece is crafted using a variety of different glassworking techniques – including mouth-blowing, casting, sfumato, incalmo, and vetro fuso – to showcase the diverse characteristics inherent in glass as a material. 

The palette of contrasting colours is inspired by the bright, jewel-like colours that characterise Murano glass, and the playful use of colour emphasises the different glassworking techniques used. As light passes through the glass, a dynamic play of coloured light and shadow dances around the form.


Punta Conterie InGalleria






Industrial design
Colour, material and finish
Design for manufacture
Art direction

Granule is about working with the local makers and helping to protect their irreplaceable expertise, as well as a desire to create an expression of the process that showcases the inherent qualities of glass as a material.