A Holistic Approach

Never Go Alone is a wellness start-up that was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic and empowers users to live and travel responsibly in times of unprecedented change. LAYER created a strategic brand and suite of products with packaging, as well as creating the brand’s website and e-commerce platform. This multi-layered approach to the design of the new brand was essential to create a holistic visual identity.

The website is a response to both the brand’s personality and the design language of the inaugural collection. Bold text overlays and the use of parallax scrolling – where background images move more slowly than foreground images – create depth and perspective that draw users into the site; while the use of welcoming architectural elements, such as archways and windows, aligns with the travel-driven brand positioning. Natural sand and rock textures throughout accentuate the product range, allowing users to viscerally connect with the brand driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

“The LAYER team applied their multidisciplinary, future-focused approach and holistic design thinking to all aspects of Never Go Alone, from the branding and website to product and packaging design.”

Nga Nguyen – founder, Never Go Alone